Foreign Currency – Exchange Rate Board - Forex
The Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Board is created exclusively for the CatchMyAd Digital Signage System.
It is designed for those wanting to update Exchange Rates immediately and maybe from a central point or Head Office or by one person who is managing several boards and wants to ensure the Rates are correct and there is no disparity of Rates between locations.
Access to the CatchMyAd Exchange Rate Board application is via the internet therefore the Rates can be changed from anywhere in the world and is securely hosted.
The Exchange Rate Board can be formatted with the Company Logo and Company colours thereby all boards will display the brand image.
Each Exchange Rate Board can also be set up to display the most popular currencies in demand for that particular area.
Currencies within each board can be moved around as required.
Currencies can also be scrolled if all the currencies do not fit onto the page thereby giving the effect that ALL currencies are offered and available.
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